Maintenance Tips

May 16, 2018

  • Inspect your filters once a month. Clean or replace your disposable filters as needed.
  • Check the vents around your home to ensure they’re not being blocked by furniture, curtains, etc.
  • One a year you should check your chimney and venting systems for signs of leaks or corrosion. Make sure all your fittings are secure and free of damage.
  • Don’t clog up the area around your furnace with storage. There should be three to four feet of free space around your unit. A furnace will pull its air from immediate surroundings; this area should be clean and well ventilated.
  • For systems operating on propane gas, be sure to check your gas levels on a regular basis so you’re not caught running on empty.
  • Outdoor units should be kept clean of debris, dirt, leaves and grass clippings.
  • Have your furnaces and air cooling units inspected annually. We typically recommend you have your furnace inspected in the fall and your cooling system in the spring.
  • Unplug your humidifier when it’s not in use and clean it on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning your ducts will reduce in home pollutants and allergens.